About Us


First, I would to thank you for showing an interest in our services.

MPD Recruitment Solutions is an agency that works in staffing and recruitment. We match the employers and employees after reviewing and scrutinizing their needs, nature of work, and cost-effectiveness.

We provide professional and competent staff for companies, we also provide temporary or contractual services on certain conditions and provide permanent staff on demand.

Our Office is situated in Loy Buildings, Loy Street, Cookstown,
We provide the workforce after checking all the training to the employees. Staffing can be improvised depending upon the requirement and contract. We provide both permanent and
contractual services.

We can be accessed through our email address [email protected] or
by phone on 078 0233 3541 
from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. 

Thank you for providing us a chance to introduce our services to you.

We are looking forward to working together.